By our Publishing business division we accompany and support our customers by means of publications and practice material about management topics as well as special topics in the area of TPM, Lean management, KVP and Kaizen. In doing so, the series of papers "Operational Excellence" published by Prof. Dr. Constantin May plays a major role. In a coherent way and underpinned by many practical examples, experts from the most diverse branches being extensively experienced in practice communicate topic aspects from the specialist field of Operational Excellence.

Since 2012, we have been publishing our YOKOTEN magazine on a bi-monthly basis. In this medium, we regularly present to you best practice examples and new information from all around the world closely related to the Lean and TPM activities in your company. Each issue contains inside knowledge about a concrete topic. Take advantage of these suggestions in order to reflect and to further develop them in your domain.

Each year, we extend our spectrum and range in order to be still able to offer you current topics and tools. New publications and tools are published on

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