Reasons for becoming a partner

Our partners introduce themselves

You are right to ask: "How do I benefit from a CETPM partnership?" First of all, you support this institution of higher education and enable us to further work on the topic TPM. You also have a lot of economical advantages. Partners are offered 10% discount on our entire seminar programme. For example, if you just send two participants to our TPM instructor course, you already save more than the annual standard partnership fee. CETPM partners additionally get the possibility of free participation in our work groups.

This is still not enough? CETPM partners also have the option to test new methods and techniques with the help of the CETPM and to count on university support in doing so. For example, long-term tests can be carried out and scientifically evaluated as well as concrete problems in operational practice can be elaborated by students in the course of case studies.

Further good reasons for becoming a partner are...

  • Access to the protected area of the online community with consolidating publications, information, studies, etc.
  • Targeted preparation for the "Award for Operational Excellence" certification.
  • Utilisation of the CETPM expert network to clarify technical questions.
  • Utilisation of CETPM intermediary services, e.g. for consulting, coaching, etc.
  • Possibility of content provision in the online community.
  • Possibility of entering advanced information about your company in your public profile.
  • Utilisation of university know-how, e.g. in the form of technical lectures, diploma theses, etc.
  • Utilisation of the university's technological institutions, e.g. laboratories, digital TV studio and multimedia centre.
  • Possibility of participation in TPM benchmarking projects.

The standard partnership (EUR 950.00 p.a.) is valid for one company location. All employees of this location can benefit from the advantages of the standard partnership. The premium partnership (EUR 2,400.00 p.a.) is valid for all company locations and all employees of the company benefit from the mentioned advantages.

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