Operational Excellence in the administrative area

What is the learning office?

learning office
Practical work in the learning office

Analogous to our learning factory the most essential approaches and methods are trained in order to attain Operational Excellence in the administrative area (Office Excellence). In a real office surrounding a complete order fulfilment process of a company is reproduced - from the customer's order right up to the shipping of the product and the invoice. The participants apply their learned theoretical skills in this generic business process. The learning objective is to be able to detect and permanently eliminate losses and wasting in administrative areas.
Due to the realistic surrounding in the learning office, a significant learning effect is achieved there as well.

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Didactional approach

learning office
Short theoretical inputs

The participants experience a new dimension of learning. By gaining own experience in the production in the learning factory or within the cooperation in the learning office they are sensitised for necessary improvements. Our renowned experts communicate methods, tools and successful approaches for improvement processes. As a result, the participants can consolidate their knowledge by immediate practical application. In a team, they elaborate improvement ideas and implement these, coached by us, in the own company.

Each participant takes on diverse rolls and experiences transformation from diverse perspectives. The acquired knowledge is consolidated in improvement projects in the own company that are supervised by our trainers. Doing so, an immediate benefit by the course is achieved for the company. By this didactical concept the maximum learning effect is achieved for the participants.

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