KNOWLEDGE multiplies by sharing!

In our networking area of business we offer you the opportunity to have a look at other companies - be it by means of our CETPM benchmark meeting or our anual KATA practitioners' day. Our goal is to enable you to exchange experience in our network and thus grant you a look outside the business box.

Doing so, you can exchange experience with other skilled employees and executives in the implementation of an improvement programme like for instance TPM, Lean or KATA, or you let others inspire you by their individual solutions. Knowledge multiplies by sharing!

Our "live" seminars like for example the reduction of set-up times, value stream design and Makigami as well as the TPM instructor course also assist in the exchange of experience. These seminars take place on-site in host factories. There, you directly elaborate the seminar contents on the real processes, test their practical suitability and also experience the effect of the improvements achieved. In this way, the transfer to the own company is significantly facilitated.

At the same time, you can see how the improvement management is operated and implemented in the host factory. In the course of this, the host factories benefit from the participants' results and feedback. Subsequently, they can directly implement the analysed potentials and developed solutions and measures. Do you want to become a host factory for our seminars and benefit from the advantages too? Then please register with us via email:

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