Operational Excellence learning factory

The essentials in brief

learning factory
Practical work at the learning factory
  • Having built up the learning factory of the Centre of Excellence for TPM (CETPM) of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, an innovative further training centre was created which, in this form, is almost unique in the world.
  • The learning factory is a model production plant with real machines and real products, in which principles and tools from the field of Operational Excellence are being trained.
  • In the learning factory, production processes on real machines and working spaces can be observed and improvement effects can be experienced and "understood".
learning factory
Guided CIP
  • The key aspect of the learning factory is the intensive combination of theory and practice in the further training measures conducted.
  • By the immediate practical application of the acquired knowledge a very high learning effect is being achieved.
  • The goal is to communicate modern improvement approaches to the executives in the German-speaking industry, their employees and to students in a demonstrative and powerful way.


learning factory
The learning factory - conversion of a factory within 12 days

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