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Day 1 of the European Lean Educator Conference 2014

  • John Shook: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Education

  • Giorgio Possio, Sigrido Pilone: Lean Thinking in High Schools?

  • Joakim Hillberg: Lean Training - Using Games for Training

  • Arnaldo Camuffo: Training Transfer Breakdowns in Lean Roll-Outs

  • Tilo Schwarz: Vital Behaviors - The Key to Continuous Improvement

  • Ralph Kriechbaum: "Lean Cafeteria" - How to Give Students Opportunities to Understand...

  • Teemu Toivonen: What Makes Lean Viable and how it Should Change the Way we Teach Lean?

  • Håkan Forss: Toyota KATA: Habits for Continuous Learning and Improvements

  • Egon Kjaer Jensen / Morton Friis Jacobsen: Toyota KATA as Kaizen Blitz

  • Patrick D. Cowden: Beyond Leadership - Redefining the Rules of Business. Forever.

Day 2 of the European Lean Educator Conference 2014

  • Bernd Häuser: How Connected Industry (Industry 4.0) supports a Lean Production

  • Joakim Bjurström: Toyota KATA & TWI J-programs. Lessons learned so far and how do these connect?

  • Sabine Hempen, Marlies Steffen: Developing Competencies for Systemic Continuos Improvement Processes

  • Giovanni Capozza, Paolo Sganzerla: Dojo: Practical Action Learning as a Key Enabler...

  • Andrea Fornasier: Learning Lean Through Experience: Fad or Fab?

  • Joakim Ahlström: A Straightforward and Engaging Approach for Stimulating the Right Habits

  • Dennis Gawlik: Toyota KATA in Higher Education

  • Tomasz Koch: Get Out of the Lecture Room, Start to Learn on the Gemba

  • Mike Rother: Lean Education: Reflection and Looking Ahead

Unfortunately, the following videos are only available in German. Please accept our apologies.

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