Our "Operational Excellence" series of papers is written by practitioners to practitioners. Managing experts in the most diverse branches as well as academics possessing extensive practical experience in the mentioned topics count among our authors. This is exactly what our readers notice because the extensive methodological knowledge is described in a coherent way and is underpinned by many examples and practical tips.

We present successful strategies and approaches in order to reinforce the competitiveness of the companies, particularly in high-wage countries. Our goal as well is to present the best and most practical solutions and methods in reaching competitive advantages. No matter if you are responsible for production, administration or customer service processes, we offer you methods proven in practice that lead to an increase in productivity and, in the same time, avoid losses and wasting.

The CETPM Publishing online shop enables booksellers, commercial customers as well as organisations of the public sector to acquire our publications in a fast and simple way. Booksellers receive a 25% discount on the net price. Private customers / consumers are requested refer to their trusted booksellers or to an online bookseller like for instance

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