Award for Operational Excellence

Two componoents of the award process

Awarding process
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Award process

  • Set-up of a long-term valid target system in the categories productivity, quality, costs, logistics, security and environment as well as motivation (PQCDSM) in the context of a pre-audit. Doing so, the required target achievement degree for the individual award levels (bronze, silver, gold) is agreed upon. As a rule, in order to achieve the respective next level, approximately two years' intensive work on improvement measures are required.
  • Evaluation of the factory's status quo by means of a comprehensive checklist (system check with more than 200 criteria) based on a usually one-day on-site inspection by the auditors. Following this, an agreement on the required target achievement degree in the individual question categories is carried out. Beforehand, the checklist is provided to the companies for self-evaluation.

By joining the award process, you facilitate

  • a systemic and independent audit of the determined standards for your improvement programme by means of the checklist
  • the inscription of the initial situation at the beginning of the award process and the identification of the performance level achieved in the further course of the improvement process
  • an identification and visualisation of derivations, risks and improvement potentials
  • raising the employees' awareness for the improvement process

By your decision in favour of the Award for Operational Excellence

  • you support the sustainability of your improvement process
  • you receive a neutral and independent exterior view of your improvement activities by our experienced auditors
  • you obtain a tool to successfully implement your improvement measures
  • you arouse your employees' ambitions and make them proud of the work performed after having achieved the award

Preconditions of the award process:

  • The target system for the improvement process has to be agreed upon with the CETPM in the pre-audit.
  • Restarting an improvement process, according to experience it makes sense to apply for the bronze award after two years at the earliest.
  • Prior to the main audit, the applicant needs to submit a so-called award booklet.
Training Factory
Presentation of the golden Award for Operational Excellence to Delphi

What does the Award for Operational Excellence cost?

The audits' preparation and follow-up including audit report plus potential analysis and recommendation of action as well as the valuable certificate are free of charge. However, the companies deciding in favour of the award process are expected to support the CETPM by concluding a partnership (charges starting from EUR 950.00 p.a.). Furthermore, a customary fee is to be paid for the time the auditors spend on site.

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