The CETPM Academy – learn effectively

In the CETPM Academy we qualify skilled personnel and executives in the topic of Operational Excellence. Doing so, we take use of the TPM philosophy as well as the Lean Production, Lean Office and Kaizen approaches.

You will find an overview of our entire academy programme here.

In order to successfully implement Operational Excellence, you need specifically qualified employees. Depending on their role in the improvement process, you need to dispose of technical, methodological and social competence to the right extent.
Technical knowledge and successful use of methods however are not sufficient to reach the goal. Furthermore, it is vital for success if it is possible to motivate and inspire all parties involved regarding the change process.
The right management (leadership) and professional training are thus essential components of Operational Excellence.

Sustainable learning is the main concern of all events offered by us. By this, we mean the support of learning ability (learn learning), the extension of willingness to learn (lifelong learning) and the guarantee of transfer of learning (application within the own company). We achieve that by our innovative didactical approach:

The participants experience a new dimension of learning. The theoretical contents are directly applied and experienced in practice-oriented simulations and exercises. The implementation of acquired skills in improvement projects in the own company and the subsequent exchange of experiences with the participants and our experts are particularly pushed in our trainings. By this didactical concept, the maximum learning effect for the participants is achieved as well as the maximum benefit for the companies.

Perfect for all requirements and each target group

compact knowledge

This will provide you with a general overview as well as some insights into your topic of choice.

intense knowledge

Learn the tools of the trade as well as a selection of methods from scratch and know how to use them.

professional knowledge

After finishing this level with us, you will be able to take on a leadership role in implementing change in your organisation.

expert knowledge

This will intensify your knowledge in certain critical areas.

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